Pulley Kit For A

Purple Martin Gourd Rack



Pulleys and Rope mounting scheme:


For those that have built my martin rack (or want to build it) and are interested in purchasing the exact same pulleys and rope that I use, I've put together a kit that has everything you see listed below.  If you are interested in transforming your rack so that its easily raised and lowered, this kit will do the trick.  I believe in using quality materials in my martin housing and these pulleys and rope are good stuff.


1 Double Pulley Assy  (Includes hook bolt mount)

1 Single Pulley

1 Open Hook Bolt and associated hardware

50 feet of 3/8" Dia rope (With UV inhibitors).

1 Rope Tie w/Mounting Hose Clamp (To mount the rope tie to the pole).


If you would like this kit, send $75.00 to the address shown and I'll ship you one.

If you also want a set of my rack plans with your kit, then simply send the full $85.00:


Please add a note stating you want the RACK MOUNTING KIT.


Chuck Abare
7040 Barker Rd
Athens, Al, 35614




You can Pay Online with PayPal  (Much easier and faster).


Pay to:  chuckabare@earthlink.net  


I will take care of the postage and handling.


If you still have questions, please email me.