Pulley Kit For A

Purple Martin Gourd Rack





I'm sorry to say that I no longer sell the kits as shown in the above photo.


Not only do I have trouble getting the rope, but I also have a problem getting it at a decent price so therefore, I'm not selling the kits anymore.

I've left the photo so that you can see all the things that are required to make it yourself. Everything but the wooden tie are available at different hardware stores. If you have a Tractor Supply or General Hardware store near you, they usually have them. Tractor supply also has a rope very close to the rope shown, it just doesn't have the UV inhibitors that I paid extra to get in the rope that I was supplying. 


One tip, NEVER use WOUND rope. It will not work. Get the woven kind that I show. The size is 3/8".



However, I still do sell the plans ONLINE only. They are in PDF form and you can simply print them out.


You can Pay Online with PayPal 


Pay to:  chuckabare@earthlink.net  



If you still have questions, please email me.